Our human essence

Automatic gestures, movements, and words. Smiles painted with a false expression of joy. Kind phrases recited again and again until they’re absolutely empty of meaning.

The mouth pronounces quickly “Good morning. How are you today?” but rarely that question is meant to be answered. You doubt that somebody really cares and frankly you wouldn’t share your problems and triumphs with a random nobody.

The physical distance doesn’t matter anymore because proximity doesn’t guarantee connection. This inability to open and connect with others could be treated like a normal social malfunction. Or it can be seen as a symptom of a far more dangerous nature. A symptom revealing the human disconnection from one’s own self.

People who don’t know themselves deeply are incapable of seeing others on a level beyond superficial. They’re simply unaware of the existence of one.

And it might be true. Maybe small talks are inevitable in everyday existence, maybe they’re even necessary. But somehow it feels like too much of those small talks would end up making us all small people.

And our human essence needs us to be bigger than that. For ourselves, for the world, for life.

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