BC Žalgiris

Let’s introduce the Basketball Arena of Kaunas.

We have visited one of the most important thing in KAUNAS, The « Zalgiris Arena ». This is the place where is based the professional Basketball team of Kaunas.

It is the biggest arena in Lithuania and the biggest of the Baltic Countries. It was built just before the EuroBasket 2011. The arena’s maximum possible seating capacity for basketball games is 15,552 spectators. It’s an astonishing place where the atmosphere is maximum.

Zalgiris vs. Real Madrid

We saw an EuroLeague game on the 9th of March. The Zalgiris team was receiving the strong Real Madrid team. Before the match, there have been a big show with presentation of all players and next the national anthem. Therefore, we saw an outstanding game and we enjoyed the excitement of all Lithuanian spectators for their team. Unfortunately, the local team lost the match by over 15 points. It’s not a bad performance, on the contrary, the Zalgiris team was leading the score at halftime. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Zalgiris win against a strong team in EuroLeage. I hope the next match because we will go to the Zalgiris Arena watch the Lithuanian team against Barcelona an other strong Spanish team.

To finish, it was a great to see how the Lithuanian behave when it is related to Basketball; which is something like a religion here. All day long, we saw people wearing clothes related to the Zalgiris team everywhere. I was glad to see that especially when you are a basketball fan like me.

See you soon,


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