Independance of Lithuania (19/02/1918)


Hi everyone, just an historic moment to explain to you this day off in Lithuania !!! It’s the act of reinstating independance of Lithuania which was signed by the Council of Lithuania on February 16, 1918, proclaiming the restoration of an independant State of Lithuania.

3 p.m : Museum war is free today until 5 p.m !! We’re going to the museum, though and find out how was happened this day so important for all people in this country which is a sign of freedom. We are going to discover how was long and complex because the German Empire exerted pressure on the Council to form an alliance!! Because the situation changed only when Germany lost World War I in the fall of 1918. We can infer that this is thanks to the WWI the act of independance of Lithuania.

7 p.m ( after visiting the museum) : It was interresting with different historic fact. However, all descriptions above things was only in lithuanian… Pity because we have seen that this country is very rich in history and Lithuanian people like that. Today for the independance the museum war has been full like streets.

Let’s celebrate together this day with a tasty and delicious beer in a rePUBlic n°1 !!!! See you soon !!


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