Our trip to Riga (Latvia)

Riga Beach

Last weekend we went to Riga, capital and largest city of Latvia. We took the bus at 7.30 am from Kaunas in destination to Riga. After 4 hours on the bus we arrived in the centre of Riga and we discovered a new city. And also the place where we slept… We stayed in a hotel who was just above a Mc Donald’s in which bedrooms weren’t very clean. But it’s normal for 8€ per night.

In the afternoon we discovered the old town of Riga, including the Latvian national opera, the Latvian national theatre, the old fortification created in 1330, or the Riga Castle created also in 1330 and just beside the big Christopher statue with beautiful view of port. Next we took time out in a PUB to keep warm. We continued our way to the wonderful place of St Pierre church where we can listen amateur musician and take a coffee. After a good day of walk we decided to eat pizza to regain our strength.

Julian and Anthony with their new friend

Next day after a good night of sleep (I joke, noisy and horrific…), we took the bus to the sea. Finally, after 1 hour and 15 minutes of walking we see the beach with a wonderful blue sky. Afterwards, as people says sea give hunger and we found the only snack whose probably just opening for summer season. But they were friendly with us.

Back in the centre of Riga, we visited other places like the Swedish gate where some monument like cannon was in reverse to symbolize the defeat of Germany in Second World War. We continued the visit with the Latvian University of Riga.

At nightfall we ate in a wonderful restaurant, little bit expensive but classy. After that we decided to discover Riga’s nightlife and we tested one of the most famous bar in Riga! It’s called “The French Bar: La Belle Époque” with his boss Yannick. Indeed, we met lot of French or Belgian people in this bar but it’s a popular bar for student with cheaper price. And after 2 months it’s weird to order in French. At 4.00 am we decided to sleep to be ready for next day.

Saint Pierre church

On the morning we went to the new town composed of modern building, next we visited the old Orthodox, Grebenshchikova church, and across the street the place of liberty which symbolize the independence of Latvia, it’s important as much as Eifel Tower in France.

Next for lunch we found nice hipster bar who made best burger in town, it was tasty.

And finally we came back peacefully to the stop bus to return in Lithuania.

Riga is a very beautiful city with mixing of Latvian and Russian culture. You need to see this city if you go on the Baltic coast.

I’ll keep in touch!!


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