How To React To Allegations of Hindu Taliban

I am taking nearly two years to break a personal silence. Something like Don Vito does after a lot of thinking, as his final counsel to his son.

Don Corleone: Uh. Now listen, whoever comes to you with this Barzini meeting, he’s the traitor. Don’t forget that.

It is nearing two years since I last spoke to my brother-in-law. My relation with my other in-laws are near broken. My wife is deeply affected by this but remains by my side — driven by our shared conviction that Narendra Modi is what India needs at a critical point in India’s destiny. And India’s destiny is the Hindu destiny.

My break point with my B-i-L arrived while he argued for Arvind Kejriwal during the May 2014 elections where he used a phrase.

Hindu Taliban.

That under BJP, India was a Hindu Pakistan.

Since than the media has built on that theme of calling Modi the zia-ul-huq of India, BJP and certain strong views (to which I belong) as Hindu Taliban.

I’m not going to try & undo the narrative builders. What I wish is to explain my response to my B-i-L.

One’s politics is a deeply held conviction. Mine reflects a sense of injury and injustice to the Hindu society in last 1000 years and seeks to undo that damage to my people. This it does by seeking a reconciliation of historic wrongs by being handed over the damaged Hindu Heritage. That means countless temples of India — starting with Ram Janm Bhoomi.

I’ve never visited a temple in my memory that doesn’t bear the marks of vandalism and destruction and I’m seething with anger on the children of those vandals, who still justify holding on to our heritage.

And BJP ,and a stream of thought within BJP aligns closely with my views. Modi is a means to achieve political control to be handed over our Heritage in a negotiated way, which otherwise requires confrontation.

Therefore Modi represents for me possibly a last chance to regain our heritage peacefully and if the Hindu haters succeed ,we’re heading the way of the Greek society. Extinction of the Hindu Way.

The label — Hindu Taliban, seeks to make the victim into the perpetrator and no negotiation is possible on this. It is a label that brings a 5000 years of glorious Hindu History to raping, pillaging Islamic militia controlled by superpowers.

Those who use this phrase are civilizational enemies of Hindus — either as well networked operators — like Anish Kapoor or politically naive like my B-i-L. They’re seeking to setoff a chain of maligning attacks which if reaches a critical mass, will bring down the Parthenon.

No amount of civil debates can silence them as the former has an agenda and latter lacks depth to see history on a 1000 year horizon.

One must engage with people holding other opinions but just as all the Modi haters seem to draw their final line at Modi — i.e. Modi out of power is non-negotiable issue, that is the same final line one has to draw as Hindus on this side of the debate.

The Hindu people are a final, non-negotiable nation. A conviction similar to what Jews hold about Israel. Reinforced by the holocaust. Our historical memory is on fire with the sheer scale of our genocide.

So, how do you react to people who use that phrase?

I thought hard and came unwilling to compromise. The Don’s advice remains valid for me.

So too I advice my son — whoever brings up that phrase is out to kill the Hindu Civilization. Complete ostracism is the civil violence you use, just as the Greeks. Before they died.

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