I noticed that what the photo that Cheryl liked the most was one of her in the rain, putting on…
Sasha Viasasha

I agree that this may be enough to put many people on the safe side of the addiction line, but I think there is more to it than that for many people.

Working and coping with life and doing valuable things for others and yourself are engaging activities. Doing something important is its own reward. But work and coping with life can be stressful. It can be monotonous. It can feel like failure. It can feel like going nowhere.

I am not an addict, but I have been extremely stressed out at times in my life. If I were immersed in the wrong environment, I may have turned to drug addiction by now to compensate.

I think there’s a lot we need to do to help each other out, and to bring support and community to people who don’t yet have those things. It’s more than just work and purpose, it is also other people checking in, helping out, and making sure we don’t feel we should “go it alone” when we run into problems. Not just a purpose and a drive, but a safety net when that purpose and drive aren’t currently working out well.

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