Go..ing ahead in Go craze

I have noticed that one of the language concentrates more on women. As there is number of WomenWhoGo(WWG) communities flourishing all around. Along with slack community and twitter follows.

Some say its concurrency, easy to install and learn, hmm what else? It is a great fit that supports open source and easy to transport the code in this trending community (modern hardware architecture). It dosen’t have wide varity of features. It is powerfully simple and practical. So forget about object oriented.

Don’t compare this with any other languages that you learnt earlier. That’s what I did earlier and time goes in comparing not in learning.

Go libraries are easy to integrate. Those are categorised for documentation, testing and package management. Main catch is that Go comes out of Google and concentrates server development.

“GoLang for your next Web Application” Benefit is its speed. The web application which handles requests from fully parsing the incoming request, checking its parameters are expected and of the correct type, authenticating the request with an authentication service, sourcing and calling an underlying service node, hitting a cache or database, and assembling and returning the output.