Vue Js is JavaScript front-end framework for building user interfaces.

Vue.js is one of the most lightweight and enjoyable front-end development frameworks for building modern web applications, and there are a lot of important concepts to learn to become a skilled Vue developer.First, you will build your own project from…

JavaScript common questions that we face in interviews are stated below with answers.

Questions : What do you mean by JavaScript is Single threaded programming language?

Answer: JavaScript can do a work at a time.

Questions: You mean JavaScript is synchronous?

Answer: Yes(mostly)

Question: What do you mean by mostly?

As a JavaScript developer most of the time we have to debug our codes. So debugging is a crucial skill for a developer.

Problem 1:

I want this code to log out “hey amy”, but it logs out “hey arnold” — why?

function greet (person) {
if (person == { name…

React is a JavaScript Library used to build user interfaces for web or mobile apps.

In interview we face some common questions as React developer. Let’s face some these now.

1. What is React?

  • React is a front-end JavaScript library developed by Facebook in 2011.
  • It follows the component based approach which helps in…

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