The City Seen For The First Time
Feyi Fawehinmi

Interesting…I have always maintained the view that given the fact that our colonial masters lumped together two different, disparate entities into one many decades ago, 50 odd years later, it is apparent that we really cannot get this show on the road until one of two things happen:

a) A fundamental, root and branch approach to restructuring the entity we call Nigeria. It is simply not working as currently constituted.

b) Perhaps look to a different model than “Democracy”. Democracy is not working for us. It never really did. Right from 3 years after independence when the Western Region went up in smoke…culminating in the first military putsch which ultimately exposed the fragile nature of the so called “One Nigeria”.

Mr Fawehinmi himself has once or twice toyed the idea of a “Benevolent Dictator” (The Malaysia Case Study) with the requisite Vision of course. My countrymen usually only respond to the “language of force” regardless of the “Ideas” that you bring to the table.

Our institutions are not fit for purpose. We are constantly always looking up to the “odd strong man” rather than building up enduring institutions. When this administration was voted in on the back of a so called “Incorruptible” arrow head, I sounded the note of caution that so long as we are operating in a “Democracy”, this man’s hands are going to be solidly tied behind his Babariga. He would hardly bite the hands of those that fed him and got into power in the first instance, would he? And even if he did, what about the opposition, that still control a sizeable chunk of the legislature? Now add Tribe and Sentiments into that toxic mix…

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