Who am I?

My name is Kay but there is much more to tell. I am a wife of 38 years to an amazing man named Russell who loves me.

I am mama to Melissa, Jordan, and Allison (by birth) plus also Haley (by adoption). My children span the ages of 17–34.

I am Nana to Madison, Micah & Mason (twins), Emma, Miles and Grace. It is my favorite title these days.

I am a doula and love all things baby. I lead a new moms group at church and help moms with birth, breastfeeding, safety, sleeping and eating challenges.

I am a business owner. I am the daughter of business owners. I think it is in my DNA.

I owned a baby store (both online and brick/mortar) called My Precious Kid for 14 years. I sold it in 2015.

Today I have a couple businesses with Facebook business pages.




Over the next few weeks I will share my stories and articles. Some new. Some resurrected from my baby store days. I hope you enjoy hanging out at Kay Green's Korner

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