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What is effective professional learning?

Originally published on Linking Learning.

One of the reasons that I am completing my PhD is because I want to learn more about what creates effective professional learning opportunities. Too often, we sit in seminars as part of a large group, passively receiving information, thinking about how we could be using our time far more effectively if we were elsewhere.

As I know we are all time poor, I have collated my thinking and research as an infographic. I think it is more practical as a poster/presentation, as the goal is that this document may be a focus for discussions on how professional learning plans might be better planned so that they meet learners needs, provide a variety of experiences at a variety of levels, and generally differentiate to meet the wide range of contexts and requirements that exist all over Australia and beyond.

I’d love to know if you find it practical or useful; drop me a Tweet or comment below.

The infographic is below. Click here to download a printable PDF version. If you would prefer a presentation mode, click here.

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