Who am I to judge?

No one! Yes you are no one to judge. We leave that to God.

Often than not we find ourselves taking a position where we are allowed to judge others but not to be judged. Sadly, that is hypocrisy.

“No one is perfect.” So we say. But this cliche has been used when referring to body issues applies to every aspect of our lives, even though we do want to be perfect.

Going through my primary level and high school I was a victim of being judged and well I too judged on some occasions. There is a thin line between voicing an opinion and judging. It is voicing an opinion when the party affected has asked you to, when it’s an opinion poll or a survey to say but the least. All other times, that is you putting your nose in what does not concern you.

In high school, there was always this group or couple of girls who would do or say things that didn’t necessarily make the rest of the world happy. Yes, they existed in all high schools. So we, who would assume all we do make the rest of the world happy, would talk about it behind closed doors, talking about how karma would punish them so on so forth. That too was judging. And every time I would look at those who preferred not to say much or anything at all, I would think they were cowards and didn’t know how to stand for what they believe in. But I was wrong.

It is better to be quiet. People do things in their lives for reasons only they can understand. Looking for fault in them would be declaring yourself an angel (which, quite honestly, none of us is).

Think not, judge not. Unless someone includes you in what is initially none of your business, simply do nothing about it (unless it directly affects you).

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