Writing without writing?

I Wrote This Blog Post With My Voice

I’m writing this sentence without touching my keyboard. Instead, I’m speaking to my phone and letting Google Docs do the hard work.

The technology isn’t anything new, but I wanted to shine a light on the practice because I don’t think many content markers take it seriously. It’s seen as a cool feature rather than a genuine tool.

Here’s how typing with my voice is benefiting me.

Time Hacking

To write, you need to sit somewhere, crack open your laptop (or smartphone) and tap away at the screen. That method of writing is still my preferred one, for reasons not relevant to this article.

But what about when you’re not able to sit down and stare at a screen? Why can’t you write as you wash the dishes or take out the trash? Well with voice transcribing, you can.

By “writing” with my voice, I’m able to add value to the time I spend doing chores and other tasks that aren’t bringing value to my business. Thus, I’m producing more content, more regularly.

Essentially, I’ve found a way to work while menial tasks. That’s powerful.

Another Reason to Pay Attention to Audio

Audio saves us time in a lot of ways, and that’s why we’re seeing the rise of podcasting, Alexa Skills, Google Home, Anchor and the rest of it. They work so well because consumers can listen in as they do other things — bringing value to those traditionally value-less moments.

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