Mom isn’t here anymore…

It’s time to do your own laundry (Dun-Dun-Duuun)
And Guess what. The laundry room is communal. (Dun-Dun-Dun-Duuun)
View of laundry room on Western Washington University’s campus

I have no more towels. I have no more socks. I have no more jeans. They have all been taken by the dark abyss called a laundry basket. It hides in my closet away from the eyes of my peers and me, because let’s be real, doing laundry is terrible. And if doing laundry wasn’t bad enough, having to do it in a college dorm is even worse. But I can’t put this off anymore. It’s time. (Sigh)

It is nine in the morning on a Wednesday, one of the best times to do laundry. I grab my detergent and laundry basket and trudge down eight flights of stairs. I finally make it to the laundry room and I am pleased to find that many washers and driers are available. No clothes sit atop them and all are in working order. I load my clothes into a washer, set my timer for thirty minutes, and head back to my room to continue my Netflix binge.

Now if it were eleven on a Saturday, this would be an entirely different story. I would arrive to the laundry room to find that not a single washing machine was available for use. It would be complete chaos as the residents of my dormitory push through the narrow room filled with machines to find any washer that was finished with its cycle. All consideration is thrown out the window as they grab a stranger’s clothes and throw them in the closest drier. What about the clothes! Those poor, one hundred percent cotton shirts will surely shrink to a size only a first grader could wear!

And that, my friends, is why I only clean my clothes on weekday mornings.

Now I don’t want to make you think that entering a communal laundry room is like entering Hell itself. (Well… it is kind of hot in there sometimes, but that’s beside the point.) It’s really not that bad if you go at the appropriate times. Sure, there’s only a limited amount of washers and driers that need to be shared between many, many people. And sure, you might have to wake up kind of early to get a washer. But hey! It’s free! (At least it is at my College, so I am terribly sorry if you have to pay for your laundry experience at your own school.)

The washing machines in the laundry room

Although there are only a few washers, they really get the job done. They’re high efficiency and they only take about thirty minutes to really clean your clothes. However, their downfall is that sometimes socks and other small items get stuck in the washer door and are left sopping wet because they are unable to join their fellow clothing items in the awe-inspiring spin cycle. But that’s okay because odds are, there will be a sink conveniently placed in your communal laundry room that’s not only perfect for hand washing delicate clothes, but also great for ringing out those sopping wet socks.

The fantastic driers in the dorm’s laundry room

Don’t even get me started on the driers. Those babies get my clothes so dry and so warm. Have you ever slipped on a pair of warm sweats? Pure bliss. And because the drier’s cycles are longer, there will probably be more driers than washers in your communal space. So if you do your laundry in the morning, you will almost never have to wait for a machine.

Did I mention that doing laundry at my college is free? That’s right, free! As in you can do as much laundry as you want and you’ll never get charged, which is great because if you fill the washers too much, they won’t get your clothes completely clean so you may have to do multiple loads at a time. But that’s okay, because it’s not going to cost you anything. (Unless of course it is not free at your college. Again, I am very sorry for your inconvenience.)

So yes, sometimes the laundry room is packed and there won’t be a washer for you to use. And yes, your socks might be sopping wet even after the spin cycle. But the washers clean quickly, and the driers make your clothes warm and toasty! That’s all that really matters in the end, right? Oh and did I mention that it’s free (…Or maybe not free.)?