I’ve heard from many moms fretting about the state of America and how could we elect an openly racist President. Well, it happened. And we have to keep building, living, loving, and trusting God. Donald Trump as President isn’t going to ruin your life. You not being an active citizen will. You not drawing near to God for guiance and showing up to parent, thrive, and win daily .. will affect your life.

Listen, my fears were amplified, too, leading up to election night. I sat and watched in disbelief as his numbers grew. But you know what I realized? I saw that most folks would rather hide behind religion and vote for a man who’s said consistently … and condoned consistently some ugly things toward adverse classes of people. I also saw that My God still reigns supreme and He is not bothered one bit by any of this.

So, now you know who people are and what they believe and value. You also know that God will carry you and your family. through the next four years and beyond. Or, at least I hope you do.

Here’s what I suggest you do while Donald Trump is President.:

  1. Don’t sit back and fret and/or complain

2. Get involved locally and let your elected officials know what you want

3. Consider running for offices locally and beyond

4. Pray to God Almighty for protection, wisdom, and guidance

5. Pray for the President. He’s going to need it.

6. Let your elected officials know they better not let much of what he wants to do pass. Raise your voice! You matter!

So, I know nothing you read will change your mind until you’re ready. But I am an American citizen. I love my country, and I have rights. I look forward to peacefully. helping our country grow. I’m not gonna spend. time worrying about who voted for who. I am paying attention to the content of the character of the folks who call me friend.

We must always be vigilant. Period.

Get involved. Be diligent. Build your dreams as you help your local area grow. Continue to raise your babies to understand racism is real and teach them to thrive (as you have in a world where like me, you may be a first class second class citizen).

In the words of all civil rights activists before us “We shall overcome!”

My feelings and posts that show why I have feelings:

Yanna B. of Style Stamped breaks it down even more. Check it out here.

Here’s another well written take on what this election feels like from a member of Parks and Recreation. Read here.

You may dislike me for sharing my political and religious views, butplease. understand where I live and who I am. I am African American people n the south. I’m judged daily by skin color before people even meet me. So are my boys.

An entire large group of people believe we’re second class humans in 2016! Can you see that struggle. One day of meeting with President Barak Obama and acting presidential does not a President make. What about the vile words he spewed on the campaign trail, the dismissal of all classes except people in his class? Yes, middle America, he doesn’t care about you, either. And the dangerous remarks he made about “letting the 2nd amendment folks take care of it.” Of what? The blacks? Hmm? I digress. Time will tell. I’m just shocked yall did that. I don’t want to hear another word about feminism.

Here’s another great read. Possibly the top of all reads that made me say ‘Now, he just expressed how we feel.’ Take a read at what Charles M. Blow of the New York Times has to say. Spot on assessment of what many minorities and disadvantaged are feeling.

In the end, yes, my faith is strong. Am I afraid? Some. Will I give up, in, or out? NO! So don’t you lose hope mama! Keep raising your babies, educating yourself, helping others, and being a light. God is watching, listening, and HE will take care of you. I believe that with all I’ve got.

It’s praying time. Don’t go a day without. connecting with God. What do you think? Comment below and tell me if you’re going to keep pushing through the next four years. Vent, cry, lament, but MOVE on your purpose!

Warning to Trump lovers: this isn’t for you. If you comment, keep it classy. Your candidate didnt, so I hope you know how. This is intended to shed light, give hope, and encourage. Thank you.

Kaywanda Lamb is The Single Mom Coach, author of two books, speaker, event host, woman of faith and mom to two precious boys. Her motto is Do It Anyway! She believes that every single parent has the ability to chase their dreams and transform their life while raising great children if they’ll just “do it anyway.” Her second book is a devotional for single moms available now for pre-order. Learn more here.