The Story I Read to my Fatherless Son

One day a lost girl was roaming the Earth searching for her heart. She had lost it in battle and needed to find it quick before it was lost forever. The little girl searched high and low. She blazed the galaxies spinning around the Earth. She checked all the mountain tops and even under her bed. She fought with dragons, hissed with snakes, growled with bears, and purred with lions to find her heart. The little girl began to fill with doubt. One day after searching she decided to return back to Earth. She noticed a light vortex. A sign read that it could lead her home. This vortex she had never seen before but it was so bright and colorful she decided to take her chances. As she walks down the vortex the girl began to feel sad again afraid she would never find her heart. Seconds later a butterfly fluttered by. It was so beautiful. It glowed and shimmered in the light. It flirted with her ears and tickled her nose. The butterfly would float by then drift away. She grew fond of these butterflies so she decided to catch one to keep for herself. The little lady said to herself, “On this journey I’m on no matter the fight I will find my own butterfly to comfort me at night.”

As she continues to walk down the road of light one day the most beautiful butterfly caught her eye. It fluttered closer and closer and closer. She leaned in to catch it then, “GULP!” Mommy swallowed the butterfly. Mommy squirmed and coughed saying, “Oh my goodness! I swallowed my butterfly!” As she began to cry she felt a littler flutter in her tummy. I had never felt it before. It was like a million butterflies were floating in my tummy.

Then all of a sudden she felt a, “Thump! Thump! Thump..” It took the woman a while to understand what was happening to her, but when she began to fly she knew what was happening. She floated high in the sky.

Mommy looked down at the beautiful butterfly fluttering in her tummy and decided to name him Lenox. She knew she had found her heart. The butterfly gave me my heart.

Your father was a butterfly just like you. I am so sorry her didn’t stay. God told me that no matter who your mother or father is that you all by yourself are one important person. God gave you to me so that I could tell you all of His secrets. His secrets will make you big and strong. So know that just like you chose me, I chose you and until its time for us to part ways together we will travel this road of light.