I don’t think it was lazy at all, they are very similar.
Thanksgiving McDaniels

The quote actually hits me as pretty accurate and I don’t even mean that as a dig. It’s manifestly true that Ferrell enjoys playing arrogant man-children whose breathtaking lack of self-awareness endows them with the confidence and enthusiasm necessary to succeed despite themselves. Ricky Bobby, Ron Burgundy, Jackie Moon, and Chazz are all deeply flawed but Ferrell finds sympathy for them anyway because they try hard and legitimately love what they do. He dials things up to 11 for those characters because that’s how they live their lives.

By contrast Gene Wilder’s characters were more often charlatans. I wouldn’t call them muted by any normal standards — he can play manic, which is where the Ferrell comps come from — but I would say that they were as a group more sly and guarded than most of Ferrell’s characters at first but typically find some form of redemption or satisfaction in the end. If we were charting comedians on a graph I’d have Gene somewhere between Farrell and Phil Hartman.

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