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Price: Bitmain’s newest USB miner. Uses their BM1380 55nm hashing chip. Note: Overclocking will consume more power, increase the overall hashrate, but decrease efficiency. Free technical support provided. Contact us with any questions.Hashes at 1.6GH/s. Possible to overclock to ~2.2GH/s.


Price: The Avalon6 is the latestÊgeneration Bitcoin miner from the company that built the world’s first Bitcoin ASIC. These miners utilize Avalon’s newly designedÊ28nm ASIC chip, which is the 5th generation chip that Avalon has successfully produced since their first chip in 2013.Hashrate: 3.5TH/sʱ5%


Price: The most efficient USB miner ever manufactured is available in limited quantities! The Compac features 2 Bitmain BM1384 chips (same chip in S5) and a fully adjustable regulator design that gives you a core voltage range of 550mV to 800mV. Typical hasrate is 15+gh/s depending on clock rate. Efficiency


Price: The AntRouter R1 is a wireless networking device containing a bitcoin mining chip. The R1 is preconfigured to mine on AntPool’s solo mode, meaning that as long as the device is powered, you are competing for a chance to solve a block and win about the entire block reward


Price: A step by step guide on buying, selling, mining and investing in bitcoins This book will tell you everything you need to know to get you started with bitcoins. A standard digital currency which has the potential to dominate online transactions, the bitcoin may become a very real concept


Price: The Bitmain AntMiner S3 is the best value of any Bitcoin miner currently on the market. While other manufacturers ask you to wait indefinitely for preorders which may never come, Bitmain has been delivering consistently for months. The AntMiner S3 offers users one of the easiest setup experiences of

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