1/24/17 Journalism 220 Blog Post

What is good writing? As I began compiling my thoughts about what exactly qualified a body of words as good or bad, I initially speculated that the topic might be too subjective to pin-point any specific qualities to. However, if like me, you also held this slightly premature view, I’d like to share the thoughts I had after rethinking and reevaluating what might actually be the answers to that question.

Of all the reasons to write, I believe an important one is to express a desired belief or concept to a particular audience. Because of this, being able to accurately get across your message to the people you intended it for is a crucial element of having good writing. When your words can evoke the emotion and connection you want your audience to feel alongside you, they’ll be more open to accepting your writing.

More than just emotions and message goes into the making of good writing though. Even the most meaningful text can be lost and labeled as bad if there’s confusion due to inarticulate writing techniques or simple grammar flubs. Editing is crucial, and editing properly can make a world of difference in how serious your work is taken and how quickly the reader is able to connect with your words without confusion.

Another important trait of good writing is presenting accurate information and facts. Fact checking yourself and assuring that you are giving your reader the truth about topics is a key element to good writing. Having the integrity to withstand the temptation of embellishing a story may not make your piece seem like the most interesting writing, but it will be good writing in the best sense of the word.

When your writing becomes a conduit of stimulating discussions, I believe it can be deemed good; if that discussion can then withstand the test of time and connect with multiple groups of people over several generations, I believe it can be deemed great. One frequently discussed aspect of writing is the author’s personal style. And this brings in my final idea that good writing reflects the individual voice, opinions, and even beliefs of it’s writer through the very style they strive to create.

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