I’m Scared to Write a Poem

Note: I was at a poetry reading one night and left inspired. When I got home I attempted to write a deep, inspirational poem and that didn’t quite work out. So, I decided to have a little bit of fun with it. Here it goes:

Does it have to rhyme?

I know that it doesn’t have to, but does it make it easier?

Will you sit there and think about how much this poem sucks?

The fact that you might scares me.

But who are you anyway? Hell, who am I?

They say “write what comes to mind”

A big question mark appears on my paper.

“Write what’s in your heart”

Not sure I want to share that with a stranger.

Maybe I’m not creative? No, pretty sure I am.

So why is this so difficult? And when’s the next poetry slam?

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