Peer Feedback

Khervyn Aguilar: Evolution of Technology and Man

This blog discuss’ the important issue of the evolution of technology and the impact this has on society. The Blogger begins writting the peice using a great conversational style typed writting, drawing in the young adult target audience. By making reference to some of the latest devices, such as the Iphone 7, this allows the target audience to connect with the blog, and to continue reading through.

This blog raises the ethical issue of, privacy, created by the growth of technology, and that all users should be intitled to privacy. This point would benifit from some further information as to why privacy is breached, and what type of privacy users are entitled to. This ethical issue is a great starting point, however the blog would be strengthened by adressing both the positive and negative ethical issues. Some example of these are; bullying, education, and social skills.

This blog finishes on an important concept that the user of the technology is ultimatly in control and needs to be aware of the negative ethical issue surrounding the use of technology. The blogger celebrates the fact that social media is in fact a good communication advancement in society today.

Overall, the blogger should consider the inclusion of some topical images, or videos to back up the information provided.

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