Blog Project #2 & #3

Blog #2

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
Dr. Seuss

Format: This format is a quote

Audience: The audience is for those who may have experienced something hurtful and in a tough situation.

Purpose: The purpose of this quote was to give a more positive outlook on life and a reason to smile when things get hard.

Effectiveness: I believe that the quote was very effective. As Dr. Seuss, I’m sure, has played a major part in post peoples lives, we also have learned a lot from him. Like in this quote, Dr. Suess teaches us to appreciate things that’s happened in our lives rather than to morn over the situation. When I read this quote I immediately fell In love. The first time I had ever came across this quote, it was a very big coincidence that at that time I had just lost my brother. The quote was very meaningful to me and played a huge part in my healing process. Not only was this quote something I fell in love with but it was written by one of my favorite authors of all time. The other reason I feel as though the quote is very effective is because it relates to almost everyone and something that’s helpful for real life situations such as break ups, graduating from college, or the end of a visit to your parents from miles away. This quote is for everyone and I’m sure everyone would find it very helpful.

Blog #3

Format: The format used was a video

Audience: The audience was directed towards poetry lovers.

Purpose: The purpose was to express love in a more personal and unique way.

Effectiveness: I feel as though the video was effective because it’s not a usual poem that Mr. Neil Hilborn presented to the audience. The poem that he wrote was very well thought out and had a very meaningful background. This poem may not have been very relatable but was extremely touching and sweet. I reaaly enjoyed listening to this poem, the delievery and his story was magnificentely incredible.

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