My Top 5 March 2017 Quotes!

March! So this was the month of my Birthday :D Yay me! I actually use to dread March a few years ago because it’s when I used to have so many financial outgoings (Car MOT, Car Tax etc. etc.) But now, it’s all good :) Quotes wise this month, I discovered so many new ones that I hadn’t heard of before! I had literally over 90 written down that I could have choose from, but here are my Top 5! The current book I am reading is “Ask Gary Vee” by Gary Vaynerchuk so don’t be surprised to see his name pop up a few times ;)

“Marketing is a tactic to help a transaction happen” Gary Vaynerchuk

With this one, I just think it sounds juicy, sweet and well worded. “Marketing is a tactic to help a transaction happen” because in business, you want the transaction to happen for you to get paid for your product or service, and marketing is the tactic you use to allow that to happen. It’s like the oil that reduces the friction between the customer saying, “Yes I’m going to buy it” or “No I am not”.

“When you’re the first explorer, you have to taste the berries and hopefully they’re not poisonous” Gary Vaynerchuk

Bang! This one hit me like a Smith & Wesson in an old cowboy movie. And it’s so true! Think about it, if you were one of the first people alive, that would have been sick! But there would have been no manual or guide to tells you “this plant is poisonous” or “that plant isn’t”. It was all trial and error. Some people ate plants and survived and the rest were like “right that’s a good’un there” (Or in whatever Caveman language they used). Whereas others ate plants and died, with the rest (hopefully) learnt not to touch that plant again. It must have been an amazing and arduous process! And how does this relate to business or current life in 2017 you wonder? Well if you are the first to try something new, there is no previous manual or blueprint to show you how it’s done! You’ve just got to make a move. If it works, great, do it again! And if doesn’t, not great, don’t do it again!

“EVERYTHING you are going through is preparing you for your future” KayodeKoD

Yes EVERYTHING (hence why I put it in capitals). The good, the bad, and the not so aesthetically pleasing (you thought I was going to say ugly right ;) ). So the bad times you are going through right now, yep they are building you to become a stronger person. After all, they say “I have never met a strong person with an easy past”, so things may be hard for you right now but one day you will look at the old you like this…

“You should always look to put in more effort than you’re getting paid to do. Add more value than you are paid for” KayodeKoD

Man, this one caused controversy (and I like it :) ). Let me explain… Over the hills and far away there was a meme floating around on social media that was receiving a lot of love. In fact look, here it is!

Now, this annoyed me. Not the actual meme itself because I think Kat Williams looks funny AF. But what actually annoyed me was the sheer amount of support it was getting in agreement with the message. So I recorded this video on my train to London with the premise of my quote “You should always look to put in more effort than you’re getting paid to do. Add more value than you are paid for”. Some people liked me for it and others disdained me, even unliking my page (yes I saw you..). Anyway, here is the video, what do you think?

“Use your low-margin items to drive your business, then use those pennies to invest in advertising and build from there.” Gary Vaynerchuk

Man I love this one. This is tactical, giving you a specific tip on how how to run your business. I rate that because so many people want to keep their cards to themselves rather than helping others. So the reason this resonated with me particularly is that I’m going to be bringing out low-margin items too (in other words, items that don’t bring in huge amounts of profit). So how this quote is helping me is that with the small profit I receive from those items, instead of pocketing it and spending it elsewhere, I should reinvest in back into the business as advertising in marketing to keep driving the business forward. Think of it as low-margin items keeping the hamster wheel (your business) spinning round. So yeah thanks for that Gary.

There you have it, my Top 5 Quotes for March! As you can see they were a combination of quotes from KoD and Gary Vee :D what a team! Who knows, maybe we will share the stage someday. Don’t laugh because I’m using the Law of Attraction to will it into the future..

From the Saddle,


By the way, what do you think about this joke I made up? :D I’ve been getting into comedy recently and want to more fun and jokes in my talks instead of being serious KoD all the time :)

Why do Doctors like to name diseases they discover after themselves lol? If I discovered a disease, the absolute last thing I would want is for someone to say, “What’s wrong with Frank?” “Oh he’s caught Kayode disease” lol get what I mean?



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