Ello and Goodbye

Ello sir! Sound familiar? Oh wait, I’m talking about the “anti Facebook.” I’m sure this may come as a surprise considering I normally give all these new social networks a chance but this time I feel I must put my foot down. This Ello “revolution” must stop. This is not the next big thing, this is not what it seems and honestly, it doesn't really even come off as “ad free.” I’ll keep this short to the 3 main things that bother me right away —

  1. This is not ad free unless you are not following anyone or clicking on anything or have any other window open. Just think about this for a minute. Are you really SO concerned with “ads” that this social network is that meaningful to you? Do you drive a car? Do you go to the mall? Do you online shop? I mean the world is FILLED with ads, why would being on this network that is “ad free” be that monumental to you? With that said, everyone is naturally putting some sort of ad or promotion out there…come to this event, look at this site, check this out, watch this, read that, etc….just because they are not posted by a company does not mean it’s not an ad or a promo…
    I must note…the moment you click on a link you are opening up not only tracking but whatever site you just clicked to PROBABLY HAS ADS..and they did not seem to bother you before so…why does it matter again?
    Oh and how easy is it for a company to join this network and post things for you to see? oh yeah that’s definitely “ad free” what a joke.
  2. Remind me again what this site provides you with? what problems does this solve? I have this feeling people are just getting on there “because it’s not facebook” which honestly isn’t a problem…there are many sites that are not facebook and I have no problem with them. Just stop calling it the next Facebook or the anti Facebook, you sound ridiculous.
  3. Spam and filtering — I lump these together because they both annoy me in equal amounts. There is no filtering on Ello…and how will I be able to decide what I want to see? what I think is important? Spam is just spam, we all know it when we see it, so how can I filter that out? How will Ello prevent spam overload? Who makes these kinds of decisions? Good luck with that Ello.
  • These are my OPINIONS, you may have other opinions but you can write your own story for that.

So whether or not you decide to join, I could care less; just don’t go around talking about it like this is the greatest thing since sliced bread, or cheese, or whatever.