In 1999, Chef Kaz Okochi opened the doors to what turned out to be one of Washington, DC’s most coveted seats and exceptional Japanese dining experiences, KAZ Sushi Bistro. This April marks KAZ Sushi Bistro’s 20th anniversary milestone. This modern Japanese restaurant is Chef Kaz’s window into creativity, where he pushes boundaries, and creates some of the most authentic yet groundbreaking Japanese dishes ever imagined. Always on the “cutting edge,” Chef Kaz works with Japanese, Western, and other international flavors to create what he calls “freestyle Japanese cuisine” — original presentations, often with a modern twist.

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Photo by: Timothy Yantz, Ardent Vibe

Chef, can you believe…

Chef Kaz Okochi and Chef Ryan Ratino Eating Their Way in Japan

Day 1

After a long flight to Japan, we decided to stretch our legs and stroll around Shinjuku 新宿, a large entertainment, business and shopping area near Shinjuku Station the world’s busiest railway station that sees two million passengers walk through its gates every day. While walking this busy area our noses caught onto the delicious aromas emanating from what we came to know as Yakitori Place, a tiny secret jam that provided us with a very filling welcome to Japan. Yakitori (Japanese: 焼き鳥) is a Japanese type of skewered chicken. …

Kaz Okochi

Chef Kaz’s dishes reflects the culturally diverse environment of Washington D.C. while remaining faithful to the roots of Japanese tradition.

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