The Big Leaguers

by Cynthia Kazandjian

The Big Leaguers are uncommon people. They are not from the same primordial soup as the rest of us. Particularly when it comes to love. They engage in epic love affairs with the same frequency that you and I have our cars serviced. The kinds of places they go to, you can’t even get to by car. And their conceptual might is another intriguing story- It is just too mighty to be transmitted to the more primitive conceptual frameworks of us regular folk. But The Big Leaguers thrive on challenges, and will try anyway. And rest assured, whatever they do, they do it in ways that elevate the standard for greatness. Always. And in all ways.

It is easy to wonder if the Big Leaguers aren’t on speed dial with parallel universes, ever in touch with themselves, across the expanse of all possible realities. Maybe it’s because of the way they can fit the Mistress of Possibility into an alluring pair of stillettos and walk her infinite sexiness around like no one else can. Indeed, the Big Leaguers are gifted vanguards. They mine the realm of possibility for refreshing alternatives to stagnant ideas and generic thinking. The growth and betterment of mankind depends on the magic of these bewitching wizards. Scale it down to bite size, not only do the Big Leaguers provide you with a safe haven from groupthink ghettos, they create the perfect landscape for your imagination to soar.

The Big Leaguers also give you vertigo. They have a vastly richer and more detailed understanding of the human condition. It distinguishes them as noticeably as a red warning light. They stun you with this je ne sais quoi edge which they possess in spades. They use it to lead nations, write captivating books, or break new ground as world class actors. No doubt, they’d make killer plumbers too. Killer anything really.

Are their dazzling achievements cosmically rigged? Are they favored by the Gods? Probably. Behind the scenes however, lurks another interesting story you wouldn’t necessarily imagine or assume. The Big Leaguers, as I like to call them, need something more. It always amazes me that they do.

You could be standing on a city street corner when they land on you as mysteriously and unexpectedly as a butterfly. And its not even butterfly season. It looks and feels like an enchanting fairy tale moment but what’s really happening is you’re about to be taken aboard a UFO for observation and chiropractic adjustments to your soul. Don’t be scared though. A trail to your stardust will be provided or your money back guaranteed. I know a thing or two about this because I was involved with some of these fascinating creatures in my past. I fell in love with one.

When they catch you with your pants down leading a mediocre life, not only are they amused and charmed, they want to help. And they make your mediocrity feel anything but meaningless. You quickly realize that you don’t even possess a fraction of their mental horsepower. It doesn’t matter how complex or interesting you are, to them, you’re an easy puzzle. But you’re also the exotic backdrop of the ordinary. Just what they need to feel supremely useful.

The Big Leaguers are willing to intertwine their lives with yours to create a peculiar and unlikey weave. A new universe is born. You are exciting to them and they’re bored by their fellow Big Leaguers. I’ll never fully comprehend how that can even be possible.

The Big Leaguers remind me of the demigods depicted in Marvel movies- the ones who descend into the earthly realm for specific missions. These are the master electricians of life, here to install more wires and expand the junction box of your soul. It’s a strange swap, they offer new frontiers of awareness and you, you make them feel needed.

With erotic precision, they drape you with a luxurious shawl made entirely of glittering fairy-tale moments. You feel as though the very purpose of their existence is to enchant you and inject superhuman doses of wonder and amazement into your veins. Soon you realize they want full access to the junction box of your soul. You’re wires have been scrambled for some time now. Your potential to be more requires more space to accomodate more wires. You may be in a terrible place when you meet them, or you may be happier than you’ve ever been. It doesn’t make a difference, they know you are capable of more. Their credo: Be More.

I remember a period in my life when a disheartening succession of inauspicious years blew a fuse within me. My life force was dimmed to the point where I felt like a mere hologram of myself. Little did I know I was about to meet and fall in love with a Big Leaguer. He interrupted the trance of my ordinary life when I most needed it. Unfortunately, it didn’t end well. But I discovered something I never encountered with Big Leaguers before. I learned that it was possible for a Big Leaguer to face struggles with inner demons and loose.

In retrospect however, the pain I suffered was worth the soul level growth. Once you’ve been involved with these special beings, you no longer dwell in the same realm as your former self. You’re able to receive different satellite signals and you’re not really ordinary anymore. It’s alchemy.

I remember playing Prokofiev’s Op.64 Montagues and Capulet’s from Romeo and Juliet in my car every single time I drove to meet the Big Leaguer I fell in love with. I don’t know my classical music but this piece seemed to viscerally encompass my awkward yet beauteous transformation into something more. And I would play Howard Blake’s Walking In the Air driving home afterwards. It helped me to relive the grandeur of the new heights I was taken to in the presence of my fascinating love interest.

One memory in particular stands out. It started shakily even though everything was perfectly in place to begin. My freshly pedicured feet and smooth legs were ready for the adventure. He told me a little bit about what he planned to do several days prior and I was giddy with anticipation. We didn’t know what to say to each other when the time arrived. So we didn’t say anything. I assumed my position and sat in the chair in front of the large wood basin and took deep breaths as I watched him exactingly pour the warm water from the copper pitcher into the basin. I can still hear the sound the water made as it fell. He began to artfully wash my feet using only his hands as he looked worshipfully into my eyes. It felt like I was ensconced in some kind of ancient love ritual.

Big Leaguers offer endless firsts. Mine did and he certainly expanded my understanding of humility in the process. The lengths they go to in order to demonstrate what it means to be fully alive, is breathtaking and will send you orbiting well above the stratosphere. Their effect on you is rapturous and a remarkable surge in your brain’s synaptic activity is inevitable.

Thank God for the Big Leaguers, who, like grand artisans, find countless ways to reach us all. They inspire us to be more than we ever imagined possible. Their powerful currencies don’t necessarily involve a physical meeting. They will reach you through music, movies, inventions, books, cooking, the works. They are brave individualists who venture outside the boundaries and confinement of: whatever is trending; instagram shots of restaurant meals; partisan politics; ideologies; and (gasp) even empowerment narratives. They will show you how you can too. They’re the asteroids that set you on a new and braver course to being more.

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