What is One Article You Are Thankful for This Year?
Josh Stearns

Here’s an article that I am grateful for this year. Written by Sanam Maher for the New York Times’ Women in the World Series, this article talks of the plight of 13 brave and courageous little girls that are part of Pakistan’s first ever official all girls boxing club. The link to the story is: http://nytlive.nytimes.com/womenintheworld/2015/11/24/take-an-exclusive-look-inside-pakistans-first-all-girl-boxing-club/

Sanam has subsequently started up a fundraising campaign to try to help these lesser privileged brave little girls get basic equipment and gear to train and most importantly, a professional boxing ring. For anyone willing and kind enough to help with this initiative in any way, the link to the fundraising website is: https://www.generosity.com/sports-fundraising/pakistan-s-first-all-girl-boxing-club

I’m thankful for this story and campaign because it serves as a prime example of how the power of journalism and the power of generosity can work together to help lesser fortunate girls in my country, Pakistan, in achieving equality and in achieving their dreams in whatever field or sport they may choose to. In doing so, this article coupled with the subsequent fundraising campaign, demonstrates how journalism has the power to engage and to mobilise society and to play an active role in ushering in social change on not just a local but also a global level.