Trump may be bad, but Americans supporting him aren’t

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Many Pakistanis think Republicans have gone bonkers because a majority of them — until Super Tuesday — is supporting Donald Trump for the GOP nomination for president.

I get it. Their readiness to draw conclusions isn’t unexpected.

Here’s what I think. I personally know many Republicans who’re supporting Trump for the party nomination in the current primary season. These people are not bigots — not at all. They’re not xenophobic, anti-Mexico, ban-Muslims-from-entering-America types.

They are the people who became my friends five years ago. They are the people who went out of their way to help me settle in and have fun in a foreign land. They are the people who spent their own money — and more importantly, their time — just to make me feel at home in the United States.

They’re good people. They’re the kind of Americans we see in HBO movies. They’re regular, everyday Americans.

So why are they supporting Trump? Simply because he says things that show he’ll stand up to the forces that are hurting their lifestyles and changing American society for worse. Big government, ever-expanding tax machinery, immigration, drugs, liberalism etc. They have opinions — right or wrong — and Trump is repeating them on a loudspeaker.

I’m not defending Trump. I’m not defending his amplification of the perceived grievances of average Americans to get the nomination.

All I’m saying is that rank-and-file Republicans are desperate for change. They’re making a choice, which may prove to be wrong. But supporting Trump for the party nomination should not be held against average Republicans. Their political choice doesn’t suddenly turn them into bad people.

PS: Past occupants of the White House include many wicked people. America is a country great enough to withstand a term or two of a bad president. So take it easy. This too shall pass.

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Originally published at on March 3, 2016.