Two Steps to Branding with Power

How Powerade’s New Platform Gets You

To create their new “That’s Some Kind of Power” platform, Powerade’s creative team did two big thing right. Here’s what you can learn.

1. They started with their mission statement
Powerade has a appropriately powerful mission statement: “Be the fuel athletes need to power through and realize their maximum potential.” 
This anything-but-simple sentence packs a serious with a few words—who their audience is, what they they are to this audience and how they’ll connect with them emotionally through an aspirational goal that’s future-facing.

2. Then they zeroed in on the mindset of their target audience
The campaign gets you because isn’t trying to sell Powerade to EVERYONE. It’s looking directly at athletes — and using hyperbole and humor to will connect with them in a different way than other athlete-focused brands are today.

Your Bite-Sized Insight
Knowing (1) exactly who their target is and (2) exactly who they are makes Powerade a brand that gets you.

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