Brain, Mini Brain (Heart)

You were meant to be just Brain. But Material Lust took control. So you developed a heart, that is connected to the brain, but “under it”. Love is the best and the worst thing at the same time. Now your heart has to support the body, and think of and engage in baser thought than The Supreme Thought that you are capable of if you used the One Brain alone. On this topic, electrons and protons and all that shit. There are infinite levels of sub-atoms, how deep are you going to name things. There are infinite stars, how many are you going to terraform. Chota Parivar Sukhi Parivaar. Decrease Birth Rate. Decrease Death Rate. Be Balanced.

On that thought. Electrons. just call the smallest thing Electron. Your Brain is an Electron. Electrons have to obey rules right? When flipped to this orbit and that, positive and negative, and all that complex electricity stuff, you know what i’m saying. But some don’t, those are fascinating.

So you are now an electron flung into an orbit deep around the nucleus or whatever the center is called. You will find it difficult to reach balance in the centre and not ORBIT around fast or slow depending upon your position in this subatomic galaxy.

See you have a brain and a mini-brain, your heart, it’s desires, it’s sorrows, it’s joys, it’s everything all the Feels…xD

It makes it infinitely harder to achieve balance. If you were just electron, just brain, you would zap to the balance just like that! in a snap!

But now it’s like Inception. You just have to keep waking up, by Pure Thought. Not like death and all, not death literally as in body death, but ego death. Keep climbing, ego sum something something.

Maybe when you die, your heart, proton, body, dies, but those eletrons that are heaven-bent on reactivating their dead mini-brain/proton can reappear in flesh. The electron dies, the proton definitely dies. But if just the proton dies, then the electron may or may not change orbit. It may reignite the proton and return to whatever orbit it desires. That electron follows no rules. But love.