The Burkha

Dressing vs Underdressing

underdressing is as bad as undressing, if negative — underdressing katrina kaif in a borka would amount to blasphemy, I cannot stress anymore on this. undressing rakhi sawant would also be the same, and I cannot even imagine the pain of seeing that. but in positive — an almost witch looking lesbian tattoed sjw right wing hitler like feminazi with female-power swastika and piercings and tattoos and ripped jeans and all that, is overdressing of the ugly and this is bad. but also good. THe ugly recognizes her ugliness and instead of letting it become a block, completely erases it by going to the extreme — either most ugly (pierced tattoed face) or least ugly (ugly face covered in borka)

so a pious muslim woman/nun undressing is wrong (SHE SHOULD WEAR BURKHA). a pious actress wearing borka is wrong(HELOOOOO ACTRESS FIRST, MUSLIM NEXT, BURKHA BAD). a muslim belly dancer putting on a borka to hide her shame is good (COVERING GOOD/EXPOSING BAD). and a slut actress wearing almost nothing (I.e. pornstar) is also good (EXPOSING GOOD/COVERING BAD). flip and see the magic. porn is not bad, almost all muslims watch porn, don’t be hypocrites. but that does not mean burkha is bad, because some muslim women are truly pious, and themselves prefer to cover with plain clothing, not necessarily black and no rules about what to cover how much to show what is permissible what not. We are not cattle. We can decide shit ourselves. Only guidelines, not precise rules. Precise rules are for science .Can you science bitches? I think not.