Water Hot Cold Red Blue Salt:Sugar

Salt is electricity/heat/cold: Water — Red (Hot) Blue (Cold)
Sugar is fuel (Orange Sweet Green Salty)

Take salt to the extreme, orange > lemon > green lime > flourescent little berries, salty/citrusy starts becoming sour
Take sugar to the extreme, it starts becoming fat

if you have to choose between death while stranded in the desert, choose a pinch or salt or a half glass of chass, over 2 bottles of plain water or plain milk. you will live with salt, no amount of water can save. Salt is what controls the electrolytes (electrons, energy, electral) not water, when you dehydrate, your salt balance is out, so adding lots of water will not balance it quickly as much as adding a bit of salt.

fat has its uses, when you need to expend energy by activity, you need reinforcements (fat) of energy reserves. but sweet is generally bad i guess? not sure because i love sweet more than salty :p :) i like all kinds of tasty stuff. work in prgress. yawn, im getting bored at this.