Who is The Enemy?

Doubt. I’ve already told the story, c’maaaaan wassamatter wid you!!!

#OldSchoolAstoria Get The Mafia To Attack!!!!!!

The Enemy Is Rome.

And the New Rome — London. England. And Saudi aRABIesa

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I sing of arms and a man

These fuckers won’t learn. They keep singing of arms. I’ll cut their arms and their legs then. Off with England’s Head. Saudi’s Arms And The ENTIRE LEG CALLED ITALY. A FUCKING DISGRACE IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. SICILY WILL BE SAVED. And merged into another regional power that can better handle the Mediterannean Sea, you nincompoop naval disaster, you have fucking caused all the problems with the refugees you nincompoon shit fucking piizz-aa cafe cafe cafeind! ITALIEN!!!! You bist fired!