Every boy I’ve met since my senior year in high school has taught me something

Until now

Until this one

This one has taught me doubt

This one has taught me to be afraid

If he tells you he’s not good enough for you, run

When he’s holding you in his arms, but admits “one of his biggest fears is that he’ll hurt you,” run

He’s not yours, girl

— He won’t let her go

But you already know.

For when he tries to pull you close,

lull you in with what he’s already promised

and what he’s unwilling to give…

When his lips touch yours and you can’t even feel it

When you reach your hands out to touch him,

but your body cries out no

You already know.

And when he leaves,

he doesn’t even leave a ghost in his wake

But still

You scrub the sheets

Flip over the mattress

Scream and cry

Wonder why

Why me? Why again?

Without even an explanation

He was never yours, girl

— He won’t let her go

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