The irony is that out of all the men, boys and guys I’ve dated in my lifetime, you were always the one that I was SURE would always treat me with respect. No matter what. Even if things ended, we’d still be great friends.

However, you are the only one, who ever ignored me and took a vow of silence. If you intended to cause me harm, I can assure you that you did. I don’t know if it made you feel powerful and in control. But it certainly made me realize you were the greatest fraud.

It’s ok, I have a story about you. I know the truth, even though the rest of the world would someone find a way to blame it all on me. And you’ve got your story too, about a hopeful little lady who had the nerve to find out who and what you really are.

But, thanks for always offering me your jacket when I was cold. That must’ve been something you had to actively work to remember to do.