An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

Some truths..

No one owes you anything. True.

Don’t publicly slam the company that pays you. True.

The real world is hard. True.

1st world problems often pale compared to 3rd world problems. True.

There is a problem in our nation when it comes to education, work ethics, and maturity. True.

There is a problem in our country when it comes to ‘livable wage’. True.

Middle class wages have nearly stagnated for the past 40 years. True.

Many Americans have shifted from middle class to the poverty class. True.

We live in a strange time with the invention of the internet… so much public noise and cries for attention: Some people like to air their dirty laundry. Some like to complain and rant about anything and everything. Some think they know everything and love to tell everyone else they are wrong.

At the end of it all, it boils down to human needs… esp the need to be heard and acknowledged. Perhaps we should let people get it out… better they rant online then shoot random people on the street I would think…(

I think there is a lack of empathy lately. It’s odd how so many love to tell you that you aren’t working hard enough, until they sound just like the companies who are raking in profits at the expense of your blood, sweat, and tears. Are you getting paid to do that?? We have real problems in our nation. Yes, perspective is important.. reminding people to look at things in other ways is important. Finding ways to shame them publicly… well that’s just becoming the latest trend. There are real problems that need to be addressed (like the truths mentioned above), some may include the things mentioned by the article writer — though I think those would be better received from people closer to that person. A mentor.. a parent… someone that person trusts and respects.

We are all human and have our own struggles in life.

Enjoy “going viral” Stefanie, but step back and think about the battle you just chose to fight… was it the right one?