Kitchen is the heart of your commercial kitchen. Thus, it needs to be designed appropriately, essentially following the norms and regulations. For a smooth and effective running of your commercial kitchen, the aesthetics and other components need to fall in place.

A well designed commercial kitchen must work efficiently and safely. A carefully designed kitchen will lead to future profit of the business. Here are a few essential components of a commercial kitchen design.


Your kitchen should have enough cleaning equipment. Dishwashers must be able to accommodate all your utensils. Overloading will lead to low-life of the equipment. The sinks must have adequate racks or drain boards to accommodate all the dishes that may pile up during working hours. Preferably, the dishwasher should be placed at the kitchen entrance for dish drop-off.

Food arrangement area

Food arrangement area should be divided into cutting or chopping, cooking and plating areas. Your kitchen should be divided into various activities.
The kitchen should preferably have separately designated preparation sinks. Cleaning and washing section should be kept away from the cooking section as the food may get spoilt anytime.
This segregation will help in increasing the efficiency of your kitchen.


There could be a further segregation in the cooking section as well. The cooking section can be divided by the activities, example baking, grilling, frying etc. However, the cooking and the storage section should be close to each other.


The kitchen should have enough space to accommodate all the items needed for cooking. There should be enough space for refrigeration, freezing and storing raw food items.


Service refers to the food drop off area, sneezeguards and warmers. Sneezeguards are needed for buffets, self-service etc. They should preferably be located near the dining area.

These are some of the really important components of commercial kitchen. Apart from all this, there are quite a lot of things that must be kept in mind to make your business bloom. But you must take care of the rules and regulations of your commercial kitchen. Your kitchen should possess all the licenses and permits that may vary geographically.

Hiring a commercial kitchen designer will help you build a kitchen that has legally followed the norms and has met the requirements of the health and fire departments. They will help you select the right equipment for your kitchen so that your investment is not wrong.

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