Honoring the Gap

I have been ignoring myself for far too long. Today while driving I was thinking about my goals for 2016- all I want to achieve. The dreams spread like clouds always drifting, moving, seeking new locations.

From The moment I wake up to the moment I pass out my brain is pulsing with the thoughts: How can I move forward? How do I become better now than I was yesterday? How do I move past my BS into higher realms of Existence? Am I Living my Highest Purpose?

The gap is real. And so is my current struggle. The road to Deca-Millionaire feels like a lifetime away. The path towards financial freedom at times feels like a story I am telling to my child-self soothing it to sleep. Lulling my adult Dreams into the background of my mind.

Every morning it comes back. How can I live better today? What can I achive that was impossible for me just yesterday? Today I took a radical approach- something drastic needs to change. A shift in the paradigm. The plates of the earth need to shift: I need to prove to myself that I CAN achieve something crazy. I went for it- an expereince I had been putting off for years. I was terrified to try — — the Brazilian wax.

Literally terrified.

I had been looking online the night before but found rational reasons to not take action. Before I could protest, I picked up the phone and booked an appointment for later the same day……The procedure was painful. No lying here. At one point the profanity was ridiculous. But I survived. One goal for 2016 achieved early- check!!

Wow! A Brazilian Wax-OMFG. What else could I achieve?

Another aspect of myself I was ignoring- myself as a writer. On the drive home I made another radical choice- writing a post for Medium. In the past I had also created excuses for not posting: My Heros like Gary Vaynerchuck write on Medium. Who Am I? No longer a writer….

Here it is- my first Medium post- you are hopefully reading it.

I invite you to do the same- When you wake up tomorrow try asking yourself: Am I Living my Highest Purpose? From there- take action and see where the day takes you.

Thank you for sharing in the Love and Adventure of my Existence.

-Kealoha August-

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