Let's face it, there are some s#@! Marketing companies out there.

You know the ones, they fudge reports, over promise results and never deliver a dam thing. (Oh they also overcharge you, usually 3 to 400% on top of the industry average.)

Now you may think that because of technology and analytics that it would be hard to fool Marketing professionals, but you'd be wrong. So I've devised my top 5 tips to help you spot a S#@! Marketing company.

How to spot a S#@! Marketing Company.

#1 TIP - They Don't Listen.

Failure to listen to the client results in errors being made, missed opportunities and budgets being wasted.

If your Marketing Company doesn't listen to a single word you say. Then it could be high time you look to switch providers.

#2 TIP - They Overcharge.

Industry rates are there for a reason, they exist to help you select a variety of suppliers that can give you the support you need.

If you think your being overcharged seek a quote from another Marketing provider. You'll soon see if your current agency measures up or prices themselves out.

#3 TIP - They Overpromise.

Talking about what you can do and delivering it are two different things. Just because you can do one, doesn't mean you can do the other as well.

If you find that your Marketing Company talks to talk but doesn't walk the walk then get them to give you reports on their performance. This will help you track ongoing progression and benchmark their results against others.

#4 TIP - They Underdeliver.

Targets set by the client are meant to be met. In some instances they will be exceeded.

If your Marketing company is not reaching your set targets than it could be because they don't know what they're doing. There's always a reason as to why things went wrong, but if it happens to often get rid of them.

#5 TIP - They're Bullies.

Agencies love giving their opinions to clients, but sometimes what should be good insights turns into a battle of who is right and who is wrong.

If your having a fight with your Marketing company everytime you try and build a campaign it maybe time to give them the flick.


Clients must remember that Marketing companies are there to help and support you. Not the other way around. I've heard far to many horror stories about some so called Marketing Companies who do nothing more than damage a clients brand and waste their budgets. As the client your always in control, and if you feel things just aren't right, it maybe time to reassess who your Marketing Company is.

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