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Navneel, hope you will get through the next year much more easily. Sorry to hear that your experience was so horrible. :) As a true Hyderabadi, I am going to take it up on myself to improve your experience in Hyderabad. I’m surprised to know that you think the food here is not great. Let me take you around Hyderabad sometime. I am sure Hyderabadi Biryani deserves its place in the world and in the hearts of many people. I know many places which serve amazing Biryani and are keeping the flavors authentic. Many small, little places exist that serve amazing Biryani. I’ve spent hours and hours roaming around Charminar, it’s one of my favorite places to roam around; also Ramzan is an amazing time to be around Charminar. You’ll probably hate the crowd, but man it is worth soaking in all the frenzy. It’s full of life. I agree the summer sucks, but, monsoons are not humid at all! Winters are not really that short!

Hyderabadis usually ask, (when you say you don’t like the food) if you are a vegetarian. Don’t mind them, I am a vegetarian too and am sure if not anything else I’ll probably change your perception about the food! :D

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