Pisces: The Mysterious Goddess

“She is the untamed. She is the wild. She will come to you like a storm and wash you of your fears. And then when she leaves, you will wonder how you ever hated the rain.” -Unknown

Pisces women are deep, mysterious, sexy, intelligent and captivating. Though we like to submit, we like control. Though we can be taught, we like to seek out our own answers to life’s questions. Though we are hot, we can be cold. Though we love, we can hate…

The ocean is a beautiful earth entity with depth unimaginable to man. The sea’s floors are sprinkled with mysterious animal and plant life we don’t see often. Family vacations are often spent near the water for bonding and fun. People run to the ocean just to have that moment of peace and clarity amongst the crashing waves…

The Pisces woman is much like the ocean. She is deep and sometimes dark like the ocean’s depth but at times she is light and free from the world like the shallow parts of the water that meet your feet in the sand. She is sometimes tossed to and fro by the waves of her thoughts and emotions. She’s inuitive. She’s a feeler and an avid thinker. Pisces women just KNOW. She can pick up on your vibe and if you’re off, her defense mechanism is to swim away. Please understand, she can sense and see this even if you aren’t around her. Don’t be surprised if you’ve been in communication with a Pisces and she suddenly disappears. She needs time to sort out her feelings then she’ll gladly tell you what’s up.

Vulnerability is not her strong suit. We all know that Pisces women are known for being empathetic but most times they aren’t willing to show you this. While she is intensely empathetic and intuitive, she has a hard time opening up that sensitivity to another, especially someone she is not sure she can fully trust. Her sensitivity is like a sacred jewel that she only wants to share with a trusted mate, friend or family member. It’s the depth of her emotions that she worries will drown you… If you aren’t up for the swim, that is.

Once she trusts you she can be so deeply intense that she can force even the most hardened individual to tap into their inner self. Sometimes these people run from her because they are afraid of their own emotions. The Pisces woman may not understand why they leave and associate this string of abandonment with something negative they’ve done, but when a genuine, kind hearted Pisces comes into the truth of her power, she realizes it was the authenticity of this very power that caused this. It’s a difficult but awakening process.

When a Pisces woman is hurting, angry or depressed she retreats well within herself. Not only does she reflect on the pattern of people she’s allowed in her life, she reflects on herself. Pisces women are very critical of themselves… She is often lost in the mystery of who she is and where she is headed in life. Her thoughts and dreams change like the currents. Her free spirit and unorthodox way of life attract the curious. She’s a magnet for those desperate to break away from the norm. Parts of her are warm and inviting, other parts cold and mystic. It’s difficult trying to figure her out… She is still trying to figure herself out!

In order to be with a Pisces woman you MUST have a great amount of patience. Pisces women love hard but they hurt just as hard. They are sometimes in dream land so a partner who is well grounded (Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus) but not overly critical (because she’s critical enough of herself as it is) would be perfect for her. Let her beautiful, far fetched dreams meet your practical, realistic logic somewhere in the middle and the two of you can do passionate damage in the world. In a good way of course, everyone will have their eyes on you and wonder, “Where can I find a love like that!” Pisces women are hard to pin down but at the same time will submit to a partner who doesn’t make her feel inferior. If you treat her like an equal and not property, there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for you. She loves with the deepest parts of her eclectic soul. That’s that ocean love… The love of an em(ocean)al Pisces woman. 🌊

NOTE: As a Pisces woman, being near the water is like healing to me. I feel cleansed when I’m around water flow. It’s no coincidence that I was born and raised in Virginia Beach 💚 If I can’t get to the beach I just let the shower run in the bathroom and I sit and breathe and thank God for my blessings (gratitude is healing too.) Other times I let my white noise app play on my phone and I listen to either the rain storm sound or the flowing water sound. The sound of water moving about in its freedom helps me to relax, think, regroup, pray and sleep. God amazes me because water has so many purposes already but it can also be used to gain peace of mind !! This isn’t just for Pisces women but for anybody. Listen to the flow. Hopefully it helps. Love and light to all of you ❤️


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