Discover | Mental Health

In such a vocal and harsh world, there is no place for self-criticism; if you are truly doing something wrong, someone will tell you.

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Self-esteem can be a fickle mistress.

One day you are standing so proudly that you feel like the tallest person in the world, but then the next day you seem so short that you swear you could see the underside of a stool if you tried. Nothing has changed between…

Discover | Concentration

You don’t have to overhaul your whole life to start thinking clearer, just making small changes will bring you results.

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Is there anything worse than staring at a blank page?

You can have all the intentions in the world of writing an amazing story, or finally finishing that refactor you’ve been putting off, but if you can’t concentrate, then you will either not bother, or wish you hadn’t when you…

Personal Stories | Mental Health

My journey to a healthier life was through my kitchen and my stomach.

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Lockdown sucked. We were stuck in our homes with nothing but last years Christmas gifts and a couple of board games from when we were younger. It was awful.

Between not feeling the sun on my face for days at a time and the constant noise around the house, my…

Discover | Health

Losing weight too fast doesn't always lessen the burden on your body.

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We all know how to shed those extra pounds by now — you eat less at dinner, avoid sugary foods and even go for a gentle run each week (a brisk walk can be an excellent mental health booster too); start doing this and you will begin to notice your…

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