An Introduction

Allow me to re-introduce myself — Jay-Z: PSA, Verse 1

My name is Keenan Mitchell Hamilton and I was born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I currently live in Vancouver, British Columbia and I attended UBC for my under-graduate degree with a Major in Political Science and a Minor in Psychology (Class of 2014). I currently work for a Retail (meaning for people’s rather than corporation’s finances) Investment Firm and I am in the process of completing my Canadian Investment Licensing.

But I’m not a rapper

The Why

As you can see, the time I spent at UBC definitely does not reflect where I am in my career. Infact, I have little to no formal education (atleast before now) on business or investments. Nevertheless, I think this kind of backing is exactly why I decided to start this conversation. I believe that there is a growing group of young people in the world who want to know more about the business world, but find that it is not accessible. This disconnect between who will be the investors of the future and the content that they receive is troubling. I hope I can start the conversation with people who want to learn more without the pressure of having a financial/business background.

My promise to the reader is that everything I present will be solely an opinion that I hold — though it will be a well adapted opinion. One of the many enlightening things I learned by earning a Minor in Psychology (seriously take a Psychology course) is that everyone has some kind of bias. The difference between a bias and an adapted opinion is the willingness to have that bias change and adapt (thanks Deleuze and Guattari.)Only through adaption and critical thought will my opinions hold any legitimacy — and that is my promise.

The What

As mentioned, I intend this blog to touch on many things to do with business/investing/and anything that may come to mind as helpful. This includes articles on particular investment subsections (i.e. The Young Investor/ TYI Articles) as well as open-ended articles on something that I am looking to learn more on. This blog is a conversation, and will be widely open to new ideas, re-thoughts, and critique. I can only imagine the beautiful things that can be created when a group of people are speaking about business (a very archetype idea I’ll admit) in a free and open way. It is time to stop thinking inside the box and avoid the box all together. Let there be circles!

Now I hope that wasn’t as awkward for you as it was for me — onto the first real post!

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