Announcing Keenious Plus

2 min readNov 28, 2023

During our time as students, grappling with the difficulty of finding relevant research for our academic work, the idea for Keenious took root. It was a response to a real need we experienced firsthand. As we’ve grown, so has Keenious, shaped significantly by the support and input from our user community. Now, we’re excited to announce a major development: the introduction of Keenious Plus. This new phase is all about broadening our capabilities and introducing more advanced and exciting features in the future.

How will it work?

There are three different plans available to Keenious Users. These are the Free Plan, Keenious Plus for individuals and Keenious Plus for teams.

Free Version

Users will have access to essential research functionalities such as highlight search, topic suggestions, and intelligent bookmarking, with certain limitations:

  • Display of only the top 10 results
  • Analysis restricted to a maximum of 1000 words
  • One cross-language search per day
  • Limited highlight length

Keenious Plus

Users will have access to expanded results and unlimited analysis for research projects. Keenious Plus features include:

  • Top 1000 Results — Keenious Plus will offer extensive recommendations to research articles and topics. This feature enables users to delve deeper into their research fields, supporting a comprehensive understanding and the opportunity for unexpected discoveries.
  • Unlimited document length — Keenious Plus allows for the unlimited analysis of documents of any length. This is particularly beneficial for users handling long texts, as it streamlines the process of identifying relevant research articles and topics.
  • 10 daily cross-language searches — Free users are limited to 1 cross-language analysis per day. However, for Keenious Plus users we raise this to 10! This ensures Keenious Plus users can capitalise on tailored research recommendations, regardless of the language their document is written in.
  • Bulk export of results — Keenious Plus introduces a bulk export option. This feature enables users to export research results efficiently, facilitating better organisation and saving valuable time. This allows users to export citations into reference management tools such as Zotero, Mendeley, and EndNote.
  • Unlimited highlight length.

Keenious Plus can be paid monthly, quarterly (with a 25% discount), or annually (with a 50% discount). For more information, go to our plans page.

The launch of Keenious Plus is a pivotal moment for us. It embodies our commitment to evolve and improve continually. This addition allows us to venture into new realms of discovery, ensuring we can push the boundaries of what technology can do to help boost learning and understanding. We’re thankful for the support that has brought us here and excited about what the future holds.




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