KeepCoding Bootcamp KickOff Event

2017 Mobile Startup Engineering Bootcamp Kickoff

KeepCoding is a learning hub for Full Stack Developers, Mobile & Web Bootcamps, Online Courses and Corporate Training. We believe in empowering individuals, startups, and entrepreneurs across the globe to bring their ideas to life through our coding bootcamps! We currently have over 12,000 alumni worldwide and have two bases: Madrid and Silicon Valley. We believe in empowering individuals, startups, students, and entrepreneurs across the globe to bring their ideas and creativity to life through our coding bootcamps! At KeepCoding our mission is to help individuals find their path to not just a lucrative but also fullfilling career. We want to help individuals have the confidence and skills to produce the content that they want to show the world through building apps and web development.

KeepCoding has several kick-offs for our bootcamps per year. This year we plan to increase with 2 new bootcamps related to Machine Learning and Cyber Security. This past April we had our first kick-off for the year in our Madrid Campus with over 30 students who will be participating in our 2017 Mobile Startup Engineering Bootcamp.

KickOff Cooking Event hosted at De Olla y Sartén Cooking School in Madrid

To start off this year we hosted our KickOff at De Olla y Sartén Cooking School in Madrid. Our event started off with a welcome presentation by one of our company´s cofounders Fernando Rodríguez Romero preparing our students for what they should expect for the start of the bootcamp the following day.

Co-founder of KeepCoding: Fernando Rodríguez Romero

After the presentation and program orientation we got the party started. Students headed downstairs to the extra large kitchen to get their hands dirty. Thanks to the awesome professional cooking teachers at De Olla y Sartén our students worked together to create some delicious recipes. Talk about team work!

One of the delicious dishes we created: Shrimp Cocktail
Our awesome students and coding professors
Some of the amazing KeepCoding staff!
Some more of our bootcamp students!
Gettin down with them shrimps!

At KeepCoding we teach our students how to create their dream million dollar apps. We want to help people see their creations come to life to enter this thriving market. Interested in becoming part of the KeepCoding family with over 12,000 alumni worldwide? Come check us out!

Starting this summer KeepCoding will be offering online courses from Silicon Valley for practically free in B-Learning Format (onsite+online+offsite) in order to help entrepreneurs and students develop their dreams apps and websites.

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