Our group was trying out different mediums for our intervention at best meeting the couples’ needs for schedule, communication, and expectation. Our way of approach involved raising awareness of each other by building a sense of “togetherness” when they are physically separate. Our initial take at this problem was to provide a service using live finger motions that illuminates almost transparently on each others’ phone screens only when they were physically separate from each other.

In ideating, we were able to find out that the cons of each features implemented in the phone screens outweighed the pros. Some of the problems included: annoyance that might cause to both users when disabling the screen content when the finger motions were live; a necessity for notifications or keeping archives called for expectations; and the fact that users still are not able to communicate when it is hard to communicate (for instance when together with a family, etc).

Therefore, our group decided to use bracelet as our mobile medium for intervention. Some of our potential device might look like below:

Bracelets are gender-free wearable that solves our problem of “communicating when hard to communicate” with its support for embodiment and hermeneutic mediations. That is, users do not have to worry about breaking the social interaction to communicate with the other.

Therefore, we present the LOVElet.

Its’ core features involve:

1. Tap or stroke

Send vibrations

2. Touch and hold with two fingers

Feel partner’s heartbeat

3. Grasp & hold bracelet

Send warmth


1. Using phone’s signal → send it to LOVElet

2. Draw anything on screen → LOVElet vibrates accordingly

3. Draw heart → LOVElet blushes

LOVElet → LOVElet

One finger = vibrate to next level / various motions are sent to partner LIVE

Two finger = feel partner’s heartbeat

Grasp bracelet = send warmth to partner


Our site map is very simple. Structure hierarchy involves simple interaction through touching and interacting with screen, not buttons.



  1. User opens the app — LOVElet (“Keep romance alive, together”)
  2. User is asked for his or her other’s Facebook or Phone Number to connect
  3. “You are connected to (name of other).”
  4. DEMO first feature (hand on LOVElet — one touch) -> signal to other LOVElet
  5. DEMO second feature (two finger touch-until release) -> receive other’s heartbeat in LOVElet
  6. DEMO third feature (grasping the entire bracelet) -> send warmth (heat) to other
  7. DEMO — make your own signals with (name of the other)
  8. Send your first LOVElet to (name of other).



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