We are all used to the hierarchy of the company or whatever organisation we are working in. At the top there is a Big Boss, then less bigger bosses till you, mostly the guy reading this post. Don’t take it bad. This hierarchy may surely have an impact on you, and let us say it more clearly, it could be felt like a burden, a heavy one. frustration may originate in your resistance to simply execute when you take assignment for orders. Your boss may be of the kind who love making others suffer. Look.. take a breath first, and keep reading.

Understand your mission

Whoever your are, whatever is your role, you must first understand what’s your mission. Once done, you’ll feel more comfortable in your work and with whoever you’re dealing with. You have responsibilities, You need to get all what you need to accomplish your mission. Ask your boss and colleagues, make all relevant people contributing to your mission accomplishment. then you’ll start to feel that you’re the head of a mission you lead.

Think about it, who comes to the other, you or your boss ? obviously, your boss! so he needs more than you think. At least more than you need him. I am not trying to portray a boss as a bad guy, not at all, but you need just to reconsider yourself. Think of your surroundings, boss included, as means to your mission achievement. This way, you change your way of perception before influencing the same surrounding of your sound vision of things. And remember, you’ll best influence by giving example.


Relative to the same topic, we usually think that we depend on boss or decision maker and we forgot how we can greatly influence the decision making process simply by either, giving your opinion, or putting your expertise on the table to shape and define the consideration set of your boss or the decision makers. A striking illustration, is when an employee initiatives to use a tool for the sake of work can push decision maker to adopt your initiative as a productive tool shaping hence your workplace habits and way of doing daily business.

Hope this has helped to shed some light to reconsider your positioning within your organisation to gain control over your outputs and inputs. Now smile and back to work !

“Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can’t stop them from doing.”