Giving my images for free
Samuel Zeller

Great… you’re being sponsored… you have a decent income… you can *afford* to give your work away for free… and you don’t suffer from it… but have you thought about how this makes other photographers suffer? Have you thought about the fact that by doing this, you make people demand from *other* photographers to also give their work for free or for peanuts? Have you thought about the fact that some of us, like me, are actually starving — because our work is no longer *valued* moneywise nor quality-wise if people like you start giving it away for free? Of course you will thrive, of course your work will be popular, of course you can afford it. You. But the majority of others, equal to you, can not.

Thank you and well done, but you seem to be unaware that, by becoming part of the problem of photography today, you are no longer part of the solution.

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