6 Simple and Creative Father’s Day Crafts to Make with Your Kids

It’s that time of year again; Mother’s Day has come and gone, and Father’s Day is fast approaching. Sometimes it’s hard for the little ones to give Dad the recognition he deserves on their own, so why not make it a fun activity for the whole family? (Minus Dad, of course, we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise!) Here are 6 father’s day sure hits that you and your kids can work on together and create a truly special gift.

  1. Photoshoot
http://www.redtedart.com/2014/06/04/17-great-fathers-day-gifts-kids-make/ Photoshoot

Make a day of going outside with the kids and having a photoshoot for dad. You can use chalk, body paint (make sure to get the toxic-free), or anything else you can think of that will make this photo your own. The kids will feel like movie stars, and dad will melt from joy.

2. Following in Daddy’s Footsteps

Every gift needs a card. This year, skip the standard Father’s Day cards and make one yourself. Just let the kids coat the bottom of two shows (one of Daddy’s, one of your child’s) with washable paint and stamp them on a piece of cardstock or construction paper. The outcome is surprisingly sentimental and definitely worth saving.


3. Hand Print Baseball

Children still too young to play catch with Dad? No worries! Here is a cute craft that will get the ball rolling. With a twist on this classic, your kids can make their own unique stamp on his favorite sport. Bonus: have them sign the ball for a cute effect!

4. Colorfull Daddy Card


Make this unique and vibrant father’s day card. All it takes are foam stickers that spell the word DADDY, a nice paper to stick them on, and paint! It’s a great chance for the children to flex their creativity, explore color combination, the slippery sensation of paint… It might be a bit messy, but completely worth it.


5. Personalized Bookmarks

For these colorful, personalized bookmarks, you may need to do a quick run to the art store and get some black cardstock paper and brightly colored chalk markers. Once you get back home cut the paper to the right size and make an adventure out of it. Letting the little ones choose their picture, colors and what to draw for dad.


6. Lego Key Holder

How many times have you heard “where are my keys????” This father’s day you and the kids can put a stop to it with this unique and clever key holder. It’s super easy to make and the kids will love to help and maybe “donate” one of their lego figurines to make daddy think of them every time he walked in and out the door. The challenge here is finding a lego piece with a hole in it. If you can’t find any, look for lego part 3176 at the store.

What ever you do this father’s day remember that the really cool gifts are the ones created with love. So enjoy, explore, be creative and don’t forget to Keepy it all so you can enjoy the magic in the future, share with grandma and even add a little video of you all telling daddy how you feel.

Have a happy father’s day!