Having plenty of energy can take your workouts to the next level. We all know how it feels when you’re feeling wide awake and full of stamina. You can lift more, run farther, take your HIIT routine to the next level, and feel great about your sweat session.

When you’re energy levels are lagging, though, it can feel like you’re just struggling to make it through, and can even cause injuries if you aren’t careful.

If you feel like you need to boost your energy before a workout, these tips should help:

- Eat, but eat well. It’s tempting to…

Which type of anger relief exercise is right for an individual depends on their personal preferences and specific situation. Trying each type to see what works best is advisable.


Aggressive exercise relieves anger through physical exertion.

Boxing and other martial arts let people punch or kick out their frustrations. Sports like basketball, hockey, or racquetball can be physically exhausting, which is a good thing. It’s hard to be tired and angry at the same time.

Aggressive workout options:


A calming experience might better suit some people. …

For those whose fitness goals this year include increasing their pushup count, they may have hit a plateau or even been too intimidated to begin. Although challenging, pushups are a staple of bodyweight exercises. They develop muscles through the entire body, especially the arms, chest, and core, all with one simple movement and no equipment. Including these exercises in their workout routine may help to develop the strength needed to succeed.

Beginners who haven’t developed enough core strength to maintain proper positioning through a whole pushup are at risk for injury and may start with an elevated pushup. Begin with…

What is a “Healthy” Heart Rate?

At almost every visit to the doctor’s office, one of the first things they’ll do is take your vital signs: heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature. These measurements are called “vital” for a reason. They can be indicators of overall health and proper organ function. Heart rate is one of the most easily measured at home. It’s also one of the most overlooked vital signs — until there’s a problem.


For most adults, a normal, healthy, resting heart rate is between 60 beats per minute (bpm) and 100 bpm. For someone looking to see…

Working Out in 2021
Everybody knows that getting regular physical fitness is good for your mind, body, and spirit. Some people can motivate themselves, and working out alone is easy for them. For most of us, however, having apps on our phones that help remind, encourage and inspire us is a marvelous way to stay diligent. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to nail down one or two that might actually be useful for our personal styles and schedules.

To make life easier, here are our Top 4 2021 Fitness App recommendations:

1. Seven
Seven is an…

Our hip flexors are an essential part of our construct. They’re the muscles that allow us to walk, climb stairs, squat, sit up, and even stand. When a person’s hip flexors are tight or weak, they can experience tightness and pain in their lower back. This tightness can even extend to the front of the hip.

Strengthening the hip flexors is a great way to reduce the body’s risk of tightness and pain. When constructing a lower body workout, one should specifically target the following muscles, which are considered the hip flexor muscles:

  • Sartorius
  • Pectineus
  • Rectus Femoris
  • Iliacus
  • Psoas Major

Resistance bands have recently become highly popular in workout videos, yet most people only use them for lower body workouts. Bands provide a cheap, effective, and easily-stored alternative to weight lifting, and they are perfect for building and toning the upper body.
The first exercise is band pull-aparts. Begin by standing in a stable stance with your feet about hip width apart. Hold the resistance band straight out in front of your body, and pull the arms out laterally. Try to make the movement slow and controlled to make the muscles in your shoulders and upper back work harder.
The next workout…

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world since it emerged in China in late 2019. This novel coronavirus has seriously affected countries around the world. Italy, Spain, the UK, the US, and Canada have all had to make adjustments to public life due to the pandemic. Some of these have to do with retail, restaurants, and travel. Others are adaptations made within the medical field. For , the COVID-19 pandemic has meant a real change to the way they do business.

Because of the pandemic, demand has been higher than ever before for some forms of PPE. A great example…

Do you stretch in the morning? Most people think of stretching and picture yoga. While stretching is common in yoga, it’s not limited to the popular practice. It’s a great way to get your body into motion, a form of soft exercise.

The health benefits of stretching are many, but we’ve compiled a list of five. If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you, try this list. You can personalize your routine to fit your needs and your schedule. Don’t miss a chance to improve your health without leaving your home.

Stretching Improves your Posture

If you have a job that requires you to…

Keino Rutherford is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Hospitalist from Sherman Oaks, CA. He works at several different facilities, including Sherman Oaks Medical Center and Encino Medical Center. He also works as Chief Hospitalist at Chino Valley Medical Center.

Keino has always had a passion for helping others, and from a young age had dreams of becoming a doctor. Still to this day, Keino prioritizes his patients and aims to give each and every one of them top-tier care and professionalism.

Alongside high-quality work, Keino also prioritizes efficiency of service. To Keino, it is important to treat patients well the first…

Keino Rutherford

Keino Rutherford is a healthcare professional who works in Sherman Oaks, California. He’s also focused on fitness. Learn more at http://keinorutherford.com/!

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